The Tale of Sisters Islands

In this project, we had only 10 weeks to finish an animated product. With this in mind, my team and I wanted to go for a paper-cut puppet style for our animation. I directed this project with a variety of roles ranging from visual development, storyboard, visual effects, production management, audio and sound effects and final compilation. Below are some of my contribution to the project:  


For this project, I did the character design and exploration for the film's antagonist: the pirate, as well as helped with some of the designs for the sisters Minah and Linah. Below is my design process.


For this project, we wanted to go with a very traditional "batik" feel to the first storytelling sequence. We used flat colours with minimal transitions so that it would allow the viewers to visualize the establishment of the sisters relationship.

Batik Drawings
Visual Effects

Here are some shots I animated during this project: