Achievement Unlocked!: Mission to the Desert Planet!  [Book 1]

After investigating a strange sound in their classroom, kid-inventor EUGENE (8), and his sporty big sister, SARAH (12), get transported to a shifting planet of volcanoes, tornados, and giant monsters! Shocked and lost, they soon meet the innocent HAWKING, an advanced robot that has amnesia!


He doesn’t know who created him or why he is malfunctioning. The siblings soon realise they have to follow Hawking’s inbuilt MAP to find a special ‘LOOT BOX’ across this strange, dangerous planet. Along the way, they learn about science concepts - PSLE topics materials, energy, forces, heat - and gain amazing items and “gamer” skills. 


The only question is: Will they survive long enough for Hawking to transport the siblings back to Singapore?

January 2021


Life of a Crocodile working as a Singapore Civil Servant 

Follows the story of 25-year-old Benjamin Yang, a mutant-crocodile that talks, walks on two legs, and works in Singapore's Climate Research Centre. Set during the COVID-19 lock-down crisis, Benjamin struggles to fit in as the only mutant-animal in Singapore. The only people that accept him are his two fathers that found him as a baby (they are a gay couple and parents). Benjamin is extremely reserved, can't swim, knows less about being a crocodile than his colleagues, and would rather play Final Fantasy 7 all day.


But soon he gets wrapped up in a mysterious plot involving armed assassins, a cryptic villain called, "Mr.Tan", an animal revolutionary group aptly named '!', and his own bizarre origins. While on the run to discover the truth, Benjamin grows closer to a scarred human woman called Emma with hidden motives. That is before he's dragged beneath Singapore's streets to discover his true destiny.


The question is: Will he retain who he is to overcome dark forces, or succumb to his blood-thirsty, animalistic side and possibly get lost in it? 


August 2020